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We need YOU! You are an integral member of St. Brendan Elementary.

Our collective efforts will make a positive impact on our school and our children with your active involvement.

Volunteers are an essential part of our School’s community and are encouraged to volunteer for home room delegate duties, book fair events, field trips, fundraising events and special school projects.


To be a volunteer you must have completed the VIRTUS Training, have your fingerprints on file and have signed and turned in the volunteer pledge. Until all three have been accomplished you will not be allowed to volunteer at our school.


We will be using Track IT Forward to volunteer on events.  Track IT Forward is a cloud solution software that will allow parents to volunteer for school events online.  Information on how to sign up for activities can be found here.  Parents will also be required to sign the sign-up sheet at the events in order to confirm the participation of the volunteer at the events.


If you have any questions regarding your volunteer status, please contact and our Volunteer Coordinator,

Ibette Benitez at 305-221-2722 or via email

The acess code for Fingerprint scheduling is  FPAOMSchoolVol. It is case sensitive.

There is a volunteer requirement of 10 hours for all parents this 2022 - 2023 school year.

Virtus Training

Virtus Account Status

Virtus Compliance Reports

Volunteer Pledge to Promote Safe Environment

Fingerprint / Background Protocol

Track it Forward

Track it Forward Instructions

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