Q: When will I find out which teacher my child is going to have?

A. You will find out at Back to School Night and you will have the opportunity to go into the classroom to get to know him/her.


Q. Where are classrooms located?

A: La Casita (Pre-K 2-4) is the stand along building across the baseball field.  Kindergarten rooms are located in the classrooms closest to the Church. Elementary (grades 1-5) are located on the first floor.  Middle school (grades 6-8) are located on the second floor.


Q: What happens if I am late in dropping off my child in the morning?

A: School begins promptly at 7:55 a.m. If your child is not in the classroom at that time, you must park and walk your child to the office. After being late four times, you will be invited for a conference with the principal or vice principal. Students will be held accountable for any class work missed. This policy is strictly enforced.


Q: What does my child need to take to school the first day?

A: On our website: there will be a list with items that your child will need for the year. These items can be bought wherever school supplies are sold. Your child should bring the items listed on our website to school the first day. 


Q: How will I know when special events and holidays are scheduled?

A: The school has a monthly calendar that is posted on the parent portal. It is very important that you have the calendar for each month so that you will be aware of everything that is happening in the school.


Q: When do children begin wearing uniforms?

A: The first day of school. Uniforms, including appropriate shoes, must be worn every day except on picture day or a special event day designated by the Principal. For field trips, uniforms or P.E. clothes are worn. Uniforms may be purchased at AA Uniforms located at 8807 SW 132 ST, Miami, 305-254-0000.


Q: What is the latest date that I can submit the health certificate for my child?

A: Children CANNOT be admitted to class on the first day of school unless a health certificate is on file. Health certificates should be on file in the office prior to the first day of school.


Q: What is a Homeroom Delegate?

A: A Homeroom Delegate is a vital part of Home and School and serves as the main communication link between the parents and the school. His/her main job is to facilitate communication from the parents to the school and from the school to the parents. Each class (PK-8) has two Homeroom Delegates. Once a month there is a meeting of the Homeroom Delegates with the Home and School Liaisons and the Principal. The Homeroom Delegate also prepares a class roster for the class, arranges a phone chain for the class, helps coordinate volunteers for various school functions, and arranges special projects and events as desired by the teacher.


Q: Whom should I contact if I have a question or problem?

A: If is academically related to your child or related to a school policy, contact your child’s teacher first. If the question or problem cannot be resolved with the teacher, make an appointment with the Principal or Vice-Principal. If you have a question or problem about a school event or function, contact the Homeroom Delegate


Q: How can I become involved in the school?

A: There will be many opportunities for you to become involved.  Throughout the year you will be able to volunteer to help with the many special events at school such as the Renaissance Fair, 65th Anniversary Gala, Grandparent’s Day, Harvest Festivities, Spaghetti Night, Book Fair, and Catholic Schools Week and so on.


Q: Did I make the right choice in sending my child to St. Brendan Elementary Catholic School?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes!  Welcome to our family!

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